We Help Reduce Churn and Increase your Paid Subscriptions for B2B SaaS

RLX Consulting specializes in helping B2B SaaS retain and grow customers with email marketing.

How we bring in untapped revenue with email marketing. 

4 steps 👣👣:

Take a Deep Dive into your customers  🔎

We find out who they are by researching, using existing data along with some other tricks.

To learn more about your customer base to better serve them.

Create Converting Flows, Signup forms 🔥:

Our flows and signup forms convert like crazy.

Flows are really important to capture, retain and guide your customers to make a purchase.

FYI. Over 10-25% of revenue can come from flows alone.

Craft Campaigns that print money on command 💰:

By sending out automated emails, scheduled out and created beforehand.

We nurture, educate , raise awareness, increase customer LTV and  drive the desire to buy over and over.

A/B Testing- Always be Testing 📈 :

We constantly Optimize and Test emails to better understand your customer buying behavior and what is working. 

With the subject lines, copy, design , style, ect…

Full Service Email Marketing Agency or project based.

Save time for you and your team

It takes a lot of time to be planning, creating and managing your email marketing.

When the time could be used something else. 

team working

Be stress free

Trying to come up with ideas and then making them a reality can be stressful and frustrating. 

Never stress or be frustrated about what to write for your emails or how they should look again.

Increase your customer LTV

Customers are the lifeblood of any SaaS.

Some customers don’t buy right away and some do.

What matters is that over time they convert from a free user to a paying subscription.

Our emails will nurture and engage with customers so they stay with you forever.

Generate extra revenue

Our emails will bring in extra revenue for your SaaS.

So you can allocate the money to other parts of your business. Such as advertising to find more customers and sales.

Who we are

RLX Consulting is a full-service email marketing agency. 📧

We help SaaS companies increase their revenue with email marketing.

This includes everything from strategy, copywriting, design, development, implementation and optimization.

We take pride in delivering effective email flows and campaigns that generate sales. 

Our team consists of world class copywriters, creative email designers, account managers. 🥇

We have been in the email marketing field since 2017.


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We focus on one thing. Email . And simply do it better.

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