We Migrate MailChimp to Klaviyo so you don't have to!

We Migrate mailchimp to klaviyo

RLX Consulting will save you the time and the tech stuff to ensure a seamless transition.

Why move to Klaviyo?

You may be looking to move. Or have already done some research and want some help to migrate from mailchimp to klaviyo.

Here is why over 200,000 Shopify users are using Klaviyo over MailChimp:

  • Has better detailed data and more of it
  • Insane Analytics and Reports
  • Advanced Automation capabilities that surpass MailChimp
  • Better integration’s
  • Simply can do more and make more money 💰
  • Some brands have 2️⃣❎ their email revenue by switching to Klaviyo
  • Really easy to use for email marketing
  • Even send SMS separately or with emails.

Who we are:

RLX Consulting is an email marketing agency. 

We specialize in helping DTC brands grow with email marketing. 🔥

And Email projects like : Migrate MailChimp account over to Klaviyo.

plus Klaviyo product certified.

What's Included:

This is what is included in the migration from Mailchimp to Klaviyo. We even include a warm up phase.

Email Warm up Phase

Just one thing to note when changing your email service provider is.

Your “Sender Reputation” will start back to zero when migrating to a new Email Service Provider.

Not to worry we’ve got you covered.

Here is how we will start to improve it.

Steps to improve your sender reputation

  • A warm up phase for 4 weeks when starting Klaviyo
  • Create a Campaign warming schedule
  • Send to most engaged of your list (segmented)
  • Use high engagement flows (Welcome, Abandoned Cart, Browse Abandonment)

Why choose us?

1- Save the technical aspects of re-coding the emails, templates and tags.

re-code mailchimp templates for klaviyo
Tag difference between mailchimp and klaviyo

2-Removes the anxiety of messing it up and trying to figure it out while you have a million things going on.

klaviyo error semi colon

3-Save you or your team time while more important things get done

team working

4- We test and monitor your new Klaviyo account for 1 month before we hand it off to you.

working project

5-Most of all We love to help.😍

Time frame to migrate Mailchimp to Klaviyo

Once we have a meeting for the Project.

We review all information collected and security access granted.

Then in the next 1-2 days.

The team at RLX Consulting will start to integrate your Mailchimp account over to Klaviyo.

After that depending on the complexity of the move from Mailchimp to Klaviyo account

We will start to warm up your sending reputation on the new Email Service Provider. 

This is to make sure it starts slow and works up to be better than it was when using the old Mailchimp.

Last but not least we will “Sunset” your Mailchimp account.

This entire project will take 4 weeks to complete. 

Upon completion you will then receive a strategy for the next month.

When you leave Mailchimp to drift off into the sunset.

sunset mailchimp


Most frequent questions and answers

Everything mentioned in the “What’s Included” section above.

That includes set up and creation if required of the 3 main flows for the warm up period.

  • (Welcome, Abandoned Cart, Browse Abandonment)
  • Migration of the Templates (up to 3) more is extra
  • Migration of the Sign Up Forms (up to 3) more is extra

Design and copy of 3 main flows is extra

Yes we can have it done in 2 weeks for an extra charge. This includes 2 additional weeks of monitoring your new Klaviyo account.

Book your call today and leave MailChimp for good!